Nina and John


I called Aron relatively late as my daughter was very sure she didn't want another person (there was a team of 2 photographers) doing any kind of photography at her wedding. But I just couldn't give up the idea of having a video record of the day. Aron was VERY respectful of every part of the day--one was able to forget he was even there. 
However, the video is a real treasure. My daughter is also very happy that she finally relented and allowed me to have Aron come to record the day. 
Further, we received a "rough cut" within very short order. After the honeymoon there was moving/new job/thank you cards… so it took a long time for us to get back to Aron. But he was very patient and the final product is just wonderful. 
I strongly recommend Aron and Reel Life Pictures!

Mary Nastronero (Mother of the Bride)