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Tess and Sam were married on August 6, 2017. It was a joy to work for Tess and Sam! Their wedding took place at the Camarillo Ranch House in Camarillo, CA. What a gorgeous location!! They also had a terrific band that evening and shooing the party was a blast!!! we created two edits for them. The one above is a simple highlights of the wedding day. We also created an extended highlights which you can find HERE

We hope you enjoy their wedding highlights!!

Photo by Jennifer Carrillo @Bella Rosa Photography

Photo by Jennifer Carrillo @Bella Rosa Photography

What Inspires Us

Stories. That's what we do. We tell stories. Every wedding, every event has a story to tell and our goal is to express that story visually, with integrity, professionalism and an artistic eye.

While we have many tools to help us achieve our goal, the most important tool we have is you, our client. Who you are, how you express your wedding or event, the people involved in your day, all help to tell your story.

And capturing those details, people and moments is what inspires us.

Photo by Jennifer Carrillo @Bella Rosa Photography

Photo by Jennifer Carrillo @Bella Rosa Photography

Our Story

If photography captures a moment in time, videography captures everything before and after the moment. Not only will you see your wedding day come alive, but you will hear it come alive. Videography captures all of the moments that pass by in a blink of an eye that are often missed by the bride and groom as they celebrate their new life together. With videography, you get to see and hear how your day unfolded for all of your family and guests. You will get to experience all of the hard work that you have put in to this one special day.

For over 15 years, Reel Life Pictures has been creating amazing wedding films that capture all of the nuances of your day. Our goal has been and always will be to create the most artistic and creative video of your wedding day that we possibly can utilizing film and documentary style techniques in how we approach your wedding through our lens. We pride ourselves on our integrity, character and professionalism to capture your wedding day and all of the moments and nuances that will take place. From the final touches of the bride getting ready to the first time the groom sees the bride in her dress to the final kiss of the evening. We will be there, capturing those moments in a cinematic and artistic way. 

Visit our video page to get a better idea of how we will approach your wedding day!


About Me

I want to thank-you for visiting our website and for your interest in Reel Life Pictures. My name is Aron Eisenberg and  I want to welcome you to our website. I started Reel Life Pictures in 2000 with a goal to provide the most creative and artistic wedding videography I could create. We are one of the longest running companies in Southern California and we take a lot of pride in our company and the videos we create. We enjoy what we do and we especially enjoy the relationships we build with our clients. One of most rewarding aspects of our business is the enjoyment that our work brings our clients and their families for years to come.


I began my career in the motion picture industry as an actor; most notably the character "Nog" from Star Trek; Deep Space Nine. As the show was winding down, I started this company as a way to be home with my two young boys and to create and learn more about cameras and editing. I wanted to bring my years of film and television experience into the wold of wedding videography. I primarily shoot all of our weddings with several of my cameramen, edit and create the final DVDs and/or flash drive. You can always contact me with any and all questions regarding the entire process of filming your wedding. Feel free to reach me anytime. 

Thanks again for your interest in Reel Life Pictures!